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best piercing shop in hialeah fl
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When Looking for the Best Piercing Shop in Hialeah, FL

At our Tattoo Shop in Hialeah Florida, our Body Piercers have years of experience in body piercing as well as piercing aftercare and are considered the best in the business. We take pride in what we do and use only the best materials available for our body jewelry and piercing supplies with all of our customer’s needs in mind.

Our piercing staff is trained and certified with the Florida department of health and undergoes training annually to maintain proper sterilization techniques and practices in blood bourne pathogens and cross-contamination to ensure all of our customers receive the cleanest environment and best treatment possible.

We always take time to go over jewelry styles and options as well as proper aftercare depending on what is required for your specific piercing. We are available for any questions or concerns regarding your piercing or aftercare and also have information regarding aftercare in our aftercare section.

Feel free to read our Google reviews here and see why people consider us the best piercing shop in Hialeah FL.

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