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Tattoo Cover ups can be some of the most challenging tattoos to do depending on the size, location, and amount of detail in the existing tattoo that you are covering. A lot of times when it comes to cover-ups people are trying to cover something that they are not happy with whether it be someone’s name, a design they no longer want or like, or the quality of work that did not meet their standards.

Our staff with over 20+ years in the industry can easily help you find something that will work for you and look good for years to come.

It is always important to listen to your artist’s suggestions when coming up with a design to cover an existing tattoo in order to achieve a clean long-lasting design that covers the unwanted tattoo properly. Our ultimate goal when covering an existing tattoo is to make sure that none of the old tattoo is visible once the new design has been completed. Check out some examples of tattoo cover-ups we have done at The Shop Tattoo Studio in Hialeah FL in the gallery below. or view our updated work on our Instagram page.

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